What You Always Wanted to Know About Quilting

4th Dec 2020

What You Always Wanted to Know About QuiltingThe Basics of QuiltingInitially produced to generate clothes and covers that offered safety and warmth, quilting has developed with the decades like a much … read more

Quilt Blanket - A Great Gift

3rd Dec 2020

Quilt Blanket - A Great GiftA quilted blanket is a great way to keep your quilt warm and to protect it from the elements. There are different types of quilt blankets, and some come in specific designs … read more

Vintage and Antique Quilts

29th Nov 2020

Vintage and Antique QuiltsVintage and antique quilts aren't only important to a collector but also to the relative that has them and will keep each quilt close to the heart of theirs.My grandmoth … read more