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My name is Leon McBayne, born in New York and now lives in Wisconsin. After years of working on the textile industry, I founded Leo Bedding as a continuation of pursuing my dream to a higher level, the dream of bringing best-quality Bedding products to every individual and household, not only in the U.S., but also the World. My team and I have been working hard to reach there, eventually.

How to make a nice cozy bed in the easiest way? You got it! Quilt and Blanket are the first items come to mind. Those sweet elements of your repose can now be purchase conveniently on LEOBEDDING.COM. We offer one of the softest, thoughtful designed, and premium-looking quilts and blankets on the market. Not just for warmth and coziness, bedding items will really elevate your home decorating style. The bed linen industry has bloomed, and we are strived to be among the leading businesses.

How you decorate and style your bedroom tells a lot about yourself. As easy as a breeze, Leo Bedding brings the coolest bedding items which are most trendy and high quality. With our huge collections, you will find your favorite quilts and blankets at no time. Leo Bedding only allows best Bedding designs to be sold under its brand.

Being assembled from the world’s best designers’ designs, Leo Bedding offers customers a greatly wide range of products. We specialized in custom quilts and blankets, for which you will choose the design and other features that best meet your tastes. If you buy the item but still want additional features, the custom printing will be a viable option. Words and other artistic works of your choice will be printed on the cloth. Therefore, with Leo Bedding, you can make your own quilt or blanket, or choose from the already existing ones.

With Leo Bedding brand, you can have quality and affordable Bedding items. In fact, most people prefer customized products, so they feel special to be included in the designing process. You do not have to walk to the shops, but you can view or inquire about a print-on-demand design online - How convenient! With our broad product range, you can browse the bed linen and other items online. They are arranged based on design and types. If you want any sort, to say a quilt, you just go to the design section, select, and peruse over its other features. Surely if you are looking for designer bed linen, LEOBEDDING.COM is a place as it boasts of the world’s best designs. Every product is made with our love and pride.

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Leon McBayne - Founder & Owner